Street Trends & High Fashion

Zoot Suits

Zoot suit is a high waisted, wide-legged pants and a long coat with wide lapels and large shoulder pads.  This was a popular fashion in the 30’s and 40’s in the US among African Americans. In the picture below, actor Edward James Olmos is wearing a zoot suit in the play, El Pachuco in which he performed in1978.

John Galliano designed a attire for his Spring 2002 collection which was inspired by the zoot suit.  The yellow plaid double vested suit was very well put together.  He used the concept several other times in the follow years.

Christian Dior is another famous designer who also used the zoot suit concept in the Fall 2008 menswear collection. The drape pleated high waisted pant was key to the attire.

Teddy Boys

Teddy Boy was a style of clothing designed by Savile `Row around the time of the World War II.  This style was inspired by the Edwardian era.  The style consists of long drape jacket, high waisted pants and skinny ties.  In the picture below from the 1950’s shows the fashion.

Comme Des Garcons featured the teddy boy look in the Fall 2005 collection.  The cropped pants and draped jacket was a perfect fit for the look.  The look is very much young professional yet trendy.

Here is yet another teddy boy look by Commes des Garcon in the Winter 2009 collection.  This one is a bit closer to the original teddy boy look in regards to the fitted high legged pants and bright color jacket with the hat.


The beatnik goes back in the 60’s and 70’s when the band was in its prime.  It would be safe to say the beastnik group is devoted fans and those who have passion for music.  Below is a picture of the band from the 60’s expression their fashion style.

In the Fall 2008 collection Marc by Marc Jacobs portrayed the beatniks look using oversized houndstooths patterns, frilly dressed with tights and funky hair-dos.  Along with these characteristics he added in the pastel and bright colors of compliment the stereotype.

Mui Mui’s Fall 2005 collection is another example of the beatniks fashion.  The white button up shirt, black A-line skirt and platforms resemble the early 60’s fashion.  The large overcoat reminds is similar to a boyfriend coat that girls will often wear.


Mods are those who are well dressed, rich urban youngsters and portray the clean look.  The term derived from England in late 50’s and were originally identified as having well tailored clothing that fit close to the body.

Brit Luella Bartley’s presented the mod fashion in Spring 2006 with the pin-thin pants, crisp blouses and plastic shades.

Philip Lim in his Fall 2009 use the mod style with the tailored cape like suit, ruffle button down shirt and cropped pants.  The hair and the make-up really added an edge to the style.

Chloe’s Fall 2009 collection has a mod resembling piece that looked much like a modern character from the set of Star Wars.  The earthly colors complimented the leather textile to go with the look.


Young movement group that began in the US in 1960’s and rapidly spread around the world.  Hippies are known for their unique style as well as character.  They listen to psychedelic rock, embraced the sexual revolution, and used drugs such as marijuana and LSD to explore alternative states of consciousness.

In 2008 the infamous Karl Lagerfeld was spotted with Lindsay Lohan as she was all hippied out.  The long straight hair and the headband were the give away but her long back dress was also a good distinguishing factor.  Hippies are all about colors but Lohan dressed in all black show more modern hippie look.

Christophe Decarnin’s Spring 2008 collection seemed to be very hippie inspired with the tie-dyes and long dresses.  The long tall models also helped making the style more apparent.


Disco is a genre of dance music that originated in late 60’s early 70’s.  This fashion is all about mini skirts, bell bottom pants ruffle shirts and everything being very fitted with flashy colors.  It’s lively, upbeat and very colorful.  These people are always ready to dance and party.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2008 collection was so great that Beyonce work the flashy outfit for a stage performance.  The outfit had a complete disco feel from head to toe.

Naeem Khan’s disco collection of Spring 2009 was full of sequins and flashy colors to fit the theme.


The clothing, hairstyles and jewelry are all associated with punk rock feels.  Punk clothing was initially made at home and later were sold in store from which blew up to many retailers. They often wear heavy metal on their clothing or as jewelry, military or biker boots, and mostly dark clothing.

David Bitton put together a punk inspired Spring 2009 collection using metallic body suits, leather hand gloves and denim bootie shorts.  The dark eye make-up and lipstick really plays well with the look.

Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2008 collection’s theme of punk was fierce.  The patterns and color combination was amazing.  The thorns on the head were high fashion.

Hip Hop

Hip hop fashion correlates with the hip hop much world and more specifically with the style of dress originating with African American youths.  This style was originated in the 80’s in larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta.  MC Hammer is an icon for hip hop fashion from the 80’s.  The fashion has changes dramatically over time now.

DSquared Fall 2009 collection used loose clothing to show the hip hop style.

Baby Phat’s Spring 2009 collection had a hit of hip hop style.  The jumper with below the bust belt was semi hip hop look however the large chain was a good touch.

The New Street Trend:

Military Jacket

Lately the military jacket has been a popular look for both men and women.  To state the obvious, the trend comes from military uniforms.  However people wear is as a casual jacket or even as a dressy blazer.

In the Summer 2009 collection Balmain presented a military jacket worn with skinny denim and a peasant like shirt.

D&G’s Fall 2009 used many different styles of military jacked in the collection.

Michael Jackson

It sounds really odd however the Michael Jackson look has been hitting the fashion runway.  Whether it’s because of his death or his legacy it’s been interesting to see.

Below is Balmain’s white glitter jacket for their Fall 2009 collection.

Gucci’s Spring 2009 collection with white hat suit, similar to the smooth criminal video.


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  1. Wow, love your site! Hope you get time to do some more soon. For instance, have you thought about covering what influenced the resurgence of fashions from days gone by, attitudes in society or current events?

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