Historical & Artistic Styles

Gladiator Shoes

Gladiators were Roman armed combatant that entertained the public and the empires by fighting animals and other gladiators.  They wore protective clothing and metal leg guards that ran from the thigh or knee to the bottom of the leg.  From this fashion moved towards gladiator sandals and heels.  Today the gladiator flats are a popular look.

Marilyn Monroe Piercing

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer and model.  She was a beauty symbol and many idolized her.  She influenced the Monroe piercing which is a lip piercing placed off-center, above the upper lip and is meant to resemble her beauty spot.  This piercing became a huge fashion trend in the late 90’s and early 2000’s mostly among young girls.

Mandarin/Nehru Collar

The shirt up-fold collar on suits, button up shirts and jackets is a style that is influenced by the Chinese traditional costume as well as late prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Many designers have used that collar including Carl Largerfeld and also many military uniforms have the Mandarin/Nehru collar.


Mendhi is another world for henna.  It’s a temporary tattoo that is part of the South Asian cultures.  Mehendi decorations became fashionable in the West in the late 1990’s not only at temporary tattoo but also for permanent tattoo.  Many people like the intricate designs and have them tattooed on their ankles and/or back more often then any other locations on their bodies.

Dragon Print

Dragon is a symbol that several cultures/countries use to portray a significant meaning.  For example to Europeans the dragons are considered devils where as the Chinese dragon symbolized power and auspicious.  In regards to fashion Ed Hardy is a very well known designers that uses dragons in him artwork printing on this clothing.  It is completely taken out of context however it is a big part of his art.

Shakespeare Leggings

In the Shakespearean era men wore tunic like shirts with long leggings.  Today the fashion trend is almost the same however for women.  Countless designers style different colored leggings with long shirts, dresses, sweaters, etc.  It was a fashion trend in the 80’s and it has repeated itself today.

Vintage Leather Boots

Abstract paintings have been around for a while however in the modern décor they are used more then ever before.  The vintage abstract is seen a lot on leather today specifically on boots.  Steve Madden is one designer that uses the vintage distressed leather on boots that are quite fashionable.


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