Six Functions of Dress

Environmental Protection

Eskimo is an American Indian word which translates to “eaters of raw meat.”  Initially they came to live in four countries; Russia, United States (Alaska), Canada and Greenland.  To protect themselves from the extreme arctic weather, animal skins provided clothing.  Back in the day these clothing were mostly self, man made.  The animal skin included seal, polar bear, or even Arctic fox.  Styles varied from different parts of the world however all wore a hooded jacket, trousers or leggings, socks, boots, and mittens.  Their clothing consist several layers with air in between to keep body heat in and allowed perspiration to evaporate.



There were many tribes located in different parts of Africa, North and South America and Asia.  Each tribe has a different lifestyle, different beliefs and gods.  Some tribes use masks or face paint during occasions such as a funeral to create fear and take evil spirits away from the village.  Some other purposes would be for hunting, religious reasons, and military reasons.


Gender Differentiation

A saree is a garment worn by females in India.  It’s a nine meters in length wrapped around the waist in many different styles.  The saree is worn over a petticoat and a blouse forming the upper garment.  The sarees can be made from cotton, polyester, silk, chiffon, georgette and have hand embroidery, sequences, stone work and or screen print for designs.


Group Membership

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was a hate group organization in the United States whose purpose was to protect the rights white Americans by violence and intimidation.  The group was formed in 1865 in Tennessee.  To differentiate themselves from other they wear a white robe with a long cone shaped hood that covered their face with only their eyes showing.



In several Asian cultures, during a funeral ceremony everyone is suppose to wear all white clothing.  Everyone wears their traditional clothing but in all white color.  This is because white is symbolic of death, heaven, purity.  Certain colors such as red are forbidden because in the Chinese culture red symbolizes happiness while in the Indian and Pakistani culture red symbolized life.


Sexual Enhancement

Every year the Victoria Secret’s fashion show is something many people look forward to.  For men their sole purpose is to see the attractive sexy women that model on the runway.  They are all beautiful however it’s also the clothing they wear whether it’s a swim suit or lingerie.  This picture was from the 2009 Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show.



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  1. sari is really beautiful and should be continue to keep the culture live. I liked the collection of

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